Kidderminster tree surgeon faqs

Why so expensive?2017-05-18T13:22:59+00:00

There are many components necessary to perform safe and legal tree-work operations, particularly if aerial access is involved. The minimum team for any climbing work is a primary climber and a standby climber which means two operators at typical day rates of between £150 and £270 per day per individual, depending on the level of experience and certification of the climbers. Plant costs are often nearly as high. A chipper costs about twenty thousand pounds to buy and approximately £110 to £150 per day to hire depending on its output and capacity. A 3.5 tonne “Transit” tipper, or similar, costs nearly thirty thousand pounds to buy new. A typical technical take down of a large Oak right next to a house or building will also require several thousand pounds worth of rigging hardware and textiles which are “lifed” and have to be maintained and replaced. Add chainsaws, climbing equipment, PPE (Personal Protective equipment), fuel and oil to the wages of the climbers and a single day’s costs can easily reach over £800.

Can I do it myself?2017-05-18T13:22:34+00:00

Legally yes of course, but the Health and safety executive cites Arboriculture as the most dangerous work activity in the UK. Chainsaw injuries and the potential damage to life, limb and property from errant branches are very easy to underestimate without training and industry exposure. Trees, are heavy, organic structures with complex forces and mechanical energy stored in them, so anything but the smallest tree-work operations are usually beyond the scope of the DIY enthusiast.